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CrossFit isn’t just a revolutionary fitness routine. It’s a lifestyle. So, when people commit to a CrossFit gym, it’s almost like committing to a relationship. That’s the kind of loyalty that CrossFit enthusiasts bring.

But that doesn’t always happen organically. CrossFit Affiliates still need to develop their community and build loyalty through targeted campaigns.

One of the most effective approaches is text message marketing. Not only is it easy to incorporate, but text messages have a 98% open rate compared to email’s 21% open rate. That means that people will actually read the messages you send via text.

So, what do you include in those text messages? Here are some core ideas to consider for your CrossFit gym marketing approach.

Providing Exceptional Coaching and Training

Coaching doesn’t just need to happen at the gym. With text messaging, you can extend the training into your members’ everyday life.

The most important aspect of this is having knowledgeable and passionate coaches. You don’t want to send generic marketing messages every day that will push people to opt out of the messages. Instead, enlist enthusiastic coaches to help create helpful, unique messages that members want to read.

Your coaches don’t have to message every member individually; they’re too busy for that. But they can still provide your communications team with weekly tips, industry trends, and helpful pointers that you can send via mass text messages to each member.

Creating a Strong Community

You can also ask trainers to keep track of member accomplishments. Whenever someone hits a milestone—like setting a new personal record on their back squat—you can send a personalized text message congratulating the member on their progress.

Personalized text messages highlighting member achievements are also a great way to develop a strong CrossFit community. People want to be in a community where they are seen and encouraged, so personally contacting members via text is an excellent way to show you care about their progress.

The language you use in text messages is also essential to community development. Steer clear of messages that sound like a computer wrote them. Instead, opt for personalized messages that get members excited to come into the gym.

Even if you’re using a text message service to send bulk messages, you can still personalize the name for each recipient. It’s a small detail that can go a long way toward building a sense of community. You should also be conscientious of your word choice to ensure it’s inclusive and supportive to every member—especially when sending mass text messages.

As you send out text messages, consider adding a quick note encouraging recipients to respond. For example, something as simple as “Respond with your weekly goals!” prompts your members to respond, which helps create a community in and out of the gym.

Another way you can use text message marketing to develop a CrossFit gym culture is by sending out notices of social events and community challenges. Give members a chance to RSVP by text and offer their input on the date and time.

Offering Varied and Engaging Workouts

As mentioned above, coaches should actively create effective text messages that include CrossFit trends and routines.

One way to do this is to create a monthly calendar and plan when you’ll send out messages about specific workouts and training methods. This approach not only helps you stay organized and consistent, but it also ensures you’re sending messages about new and exciting training methods (not the same five movements or lifts every month).

You should also consider sending workout tips and routines that cater to each fitness level. This is pretty simple if you use a text message service provider. All you need to do is group your members into the right fitness level, then send targeted workout options to each group.

To ensure your messages continually offer your members something new, you can periodically introduce specialized or themed workouts. Or you can send routine updates and modifications to keep them fresh and challenging.

Prioritizing Member Communication

If you want to grow your CrossFit gym membership, top-notch customer service is a must. Ask for feedback on your current communication channels (text messaging, email, social media, etc.), and then use that feedback to implement improvements.

An easy way to do this is to send out a poll via a link in a text message. You can ask what communication method they prefer, how often they want to receive text messages, and what they want to see in those text messages.

You can then improve your communication channels—not just text messaging—to improve customer service. And if your members see that you take their opinions seriously, that creates even more loyal customers.

Another factor to consider with customer service is prompt communication. Since text messages have a much higher open rate than email, it’s often best to send essential gym updates via text. For example, if there’s a schedule change or a special event, you can send all that information via text to ensure everyone sees it in time.

Promptness goes both ways. You want members to receive information quickly, but you must also respond to inquiries and concerns as soon as possible. If someone texts your gym, ensure you have dedicated staff members ready to respond during working hours.

Of course, that doesn’t mean people need to work day and night. If a member messages during off hours, you can schedule an automated reply explaining a staff member will respond as soon as the gym opens.

Offering Value-Added Services

We’ve already mentioned that text messages should be engaging and diverse—but that doesn’t just apply to workout routines. You can also use text message marketing to address a variety of member interests.

For example, you can provide regular nutritional guidance and support or educational resources about fitness-related topics. Another option is promoting your gym’s new services like mobility or yoga classes. You can even partner with local businesses to offer deals on merchandise or membership discounts.

Recognizing and Rewarding Member LoyaltyCrossFit gym marketing

To create an engaged gym community, you need to celebrate member benefits.

According to PwC’s 2022 Customer Loyalty Survey, there are two types of rewards that customers like best: discounts on their regular products and loyalty programs with reward flexibility.

For CrossFit Affiliates, these rewards might look like a coupon for new swag or a discount on the upcoming year’s membership. A loyalty program with exclusive benefits can also encourage members to regularly make it to the gym. You can even personalize the loyalty program to reward members for meeting milestones and regularly attending training sessions.

But how do you tell all your members about these benefits? By text message, of course. You can send out periodic reminders about your loyalty program or share messages about a new exclusive benefit for loyalty club members. Even if someone’s not a part of the loyalty club, you can still text them rewards for their milestones and anniversaries.

Key Takeaways

As a CrossFit Affiliate, you promote the CrossFit lifestyle—which means developing a strong community both in and out of the gym. One of the best ways to do that is by creating a consistent and encouraging communication stream through text messaging.

If you can keep your members engaged with value-filled text messages about nutrition, fitness routines, and benefits, you can develop a loyal membership. Not only will those members regularly return to your gym, but they’ll also tell their friends and family about your facility and create sustained business growth.

In short, effective CrossFit gym marketing is the key to success.