Gym Membership Contract

The CrossFit Gym Membership Contract: What Gym Owners Need to Know

It seems that the mere mention of gym membership contracts is enough to send any die-hard CrossFit enthusiast into a tailspin. Throughout the years, gym contracts have gotten a bad rep due to confusing language, problematic billing and cancellation procedures, complex liability terms, and more. As undesirable as contracts may...

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CrossFit Gym Problems

The 9 Most Popular CrossFit Gym Problems and How to Solve Them

Owning a CrossFit gym is arguably one of the most exciting and challenging business endeavors a fitness professional can face. The competition is stiff, and many professionals are unaware of the common problems and concerns they may face or how to solve them. Although the CrossFit industry has a low...

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fitness trends

Top 5 Fitness Industry Trends Gym Owners Need to Know

Despite the volatility the recent pandemic has brought to the fitness industry, many gym operators have managed to remain resilient and profitable by paying attention to the trends in the industry. It's important for gym owners to actively track the latest and top fitness industry trends so they can take...

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CrossFit Box

Putting a CrossFit Box on the Map: 11 Steps to Opening One

These days more and more people are saying goodbye to their 9-5 to pursue their passion, CrossFit. Now, many of these individuals are not experts, nor are they necessarily knowledgeable about what it takes to start a successful box. But that doesn't mean they don't have what it takes to...

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CrossFit Affiliate Gym Leas

CrossFit Affiliate Gym Lease Terms: Why You Need to Negotiate

An important aspect of being a CrossFit affiliate that often gets overlooked involves gym leases and negotiations. It’s not enough to pull out all the stops to find the right facility and location for a CrossFit gym. There’s also the art of negotiation to consider before a lease is signed...

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CrossFit personal training insurance

Do You Even Need Online CrossFit Personal Training Insurance?

Whether you plan to take on clients as an independent CrossFit personal trainer or work at a fitness center or gym, you’ll need online CrossFit personal training insurance to get started. Not only is insurance a requirement in the CrossFit industry for trainers and affiliates, but it’s also excellent protection...

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