Liability Risks of Operating a CrossFit Gym

CrossFit is by far one of the most popular workout programs in the United States. The benefits are clear — people who participate in CrossFit workouts can get fit, healthy, and stay active. However, not many people know about the liability risks that come with operating a CrossFit gym. The...

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How Much Does It Cost to Open a CrossFit Gym

With the popularity of CrossFit and other high-intensity fitness programs, it is no surprise that more people want to open their gyms. When they are thinking about opening a CrossFit gym, the question on many people's minds is: how much does it cost? Many components go into calculating the cost...

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7 Ways to Maintain Your Gym Equipment

If you are looking to run a quality profitable gym, you need to learn how to maintain your gym equipment properly. Your clients join your gym to utilize that equipment in order to meet their fitness goals. But if they find your equipment not working well, they'll have no reason...

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How CrossFit Gym Insurance Can Save Your Business

When you own a CrossFit gym, you believe in high standards and providing your customers with the best experience possible. One of the things you need to deal with as an owner or manager is the right insurance company and policy. You want to get the most coverage for the...

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