CrossFit Risk Rentention Group

CrossFit Trainer Coverage

You’ve Made A Business Out Of What You Love. We Can Help Protect It.

Whether you’re just starting out as an L1 trainer, have years of experience, or are a Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT), you need insurance coverage that goes the extra mile for you like you do for your clients.

Protect What You Care About

Protect your business. Protect your livelihood. Protect your community.

Our Community Covered

70,000 movements and growing. Lift rocks, do handstands, do pistols. You’re covered.


CrossFit Connection

To be a member of the CrossFit RRG means that you are also a shareholder in the company.

Member Affiliates have a say in the underwriting and design of the RRG policy by having representation on the Board of Directors.

Easy Application Process

You don’t need to worry about Acord applications or loss runs just to submit an insurance application.

The entire CrossFit RRG process is completed online: you submit an application, approve your quote, process your payment, and receive your policy documents immediately through our portal.

CrossFit Focused Service

We handle claims differently than a typical insurer. The defense of all claims within the RRG is coordinated by the CrossFit, LLC legal team.

Their sole purpose is to defend Affiliates, and they don’t back down from a fight that should be fought for the good of the CrossFit Community. You will not find this kind of coverage and defense with any other carrier.