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Opening a CrossFit gym is a good idea for many reasons. It’s fun, exciting and can be lucrative. If you’re considering a CrossFit gym or have already decided to start one, we’re here to help you protect it.

What is General Liability Insurance ?

The simplest ways to protect your gym is hiring the right staff, meeting the right licenses, and purchasing the right insurance. One of the best things that a CrossFit gym owner can do for their gym is protect it with general liability insurance protection.

This type of insurance policy is designed to protect your business in the event of a lawsuit. It includes livelihood and investment protection.

Livelihood Protection

Your livelihood is at stake if you are sued and do not have the right protection for you and those you employ. If you are found responsible by a court and have to repay damage and medical expenses, this could put a financial strain on your gym. For those who are just starting in the industry, it could be enough to force a reduction in staff or even close the doors of your CrossFit box.

Investment Protection

Your CrossFit gym comes with a lot of professional investment, especially as you work to certify your coaches for your members. There is an investment as they are certified at the different CrossFit levels, from 1-4. You should protect that investment with general liability insurance, even if your business can sustain a loss from a lawsuit.

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General Liability Coverage

Once you decide to pursue general liability coverage protection as part of your commercial insurance policy, you should know what is covered in your policy and your limits regarding occurrences;

  • Medical Expenses
  • Communicable Disease Limit
  • Abuse and Molestation Occurrence
  • Damage to Rented Property
  • Personal and Advertising Injury Limit
  • Annual Aggregate – General Liability
  • Products-Completed Operations Aggregate
  • Annual Aggregate All Coverage Parts

Based upon the situation and what happened in each particular case, funds are available to cover that particular incident or be applied to damages relating to that incident.

Property Damage Protection

Because some CrossFit box locations are rented or leased spaces, there has to be funding available to cover any damages done. Coverage is available for renovations, structural repairs, or whatever damage was done to the property. These types of claims include: where an employee or member caused damage to the property that was malicious and impacted the building’s integrity.

Personal and Advertising Injury Limit

Should one of your employees make a slanderous remark against one of your competitors or another business in the area, you could find yourself in violation of advertising injury. These claims can be steep, especially if the defendant can prove profit loss due to the statement in question. Your trainers need to know that the facility employing them will protect them when these claims arise.

Abuse and Molestation Coverage

With staff and members working closely together in a physical setting, the need for abuse and molestation protection is essential. When a member claims they have suffered this type of trauma at the hands of an employee, your business needs to get ahead of the situation and cover the costs associated with the claim. Medical expenses and personal damages are covered in each occurrence, up to $100,000.

Professional Liability Coverage

If the business is implicated professionally, there is maximum coverage of $3 Million. Should your CrossFit facility have claims made against the business, there is liability coverage and protection available.

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Benefits of General Liability Coverage

General liability coverage is a requirement for your CrossFit facility. It benefits everyone associated with your business.

Employee Retention

High-quality employees will stay in a business that protects their interests and offers a safe workspace. For fitness trainers and CrossFit coaches, this means finding a facility that offers general liability coverage. An insurance facility means that they are insured as employees. With CrossFit gaining attention everywhere, it is essential to have a space to thrive and train in with protection when necessary.

Membership Retention

When you have an insured facility, it is good practice to let your members know that insurance is available in the event of a liability case. This type of assurance lets them know that their CrossFit box takes their safety seriously and is prepared for the worst of situations. This is an investment into the community, and this will keep these members coming back for their fitness needs.

Start Your Application Process Today

If you currently own a CrossFit gym or plan to open one shortly, it is time to get your general liability coverage policy. Having your trainers access the best general liability insurance available will help your CrossFit box grow substantially.

The process is as simple as applying online with CrossFit RRG and receive a quote for your coverage. If you are happy with your quote, you can easily sign up and pay online. We want this process to be easy and simple so that you can focus your attention on your facility. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at CrossFit RRG today.


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