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Opening a box gym or fitness facility requires a lot of planning and patience. At some point, you’ll want to consider marketing tactics to help increase revenue and advertise your facility to new members. You can achieve this with the right products to sell at your CrossFit gym.

Owners need to evaluate their options carefully to choose items that’ll fulfill their short- and long-term marketing goals. Starting and managing a successful business can be expensive, especially in the CrossFit industry. However, the right products and strategies can minimize time, financial resources, and trial and error you’ll need to leverage for success.

Here are some product recommendations to sell at your CrossFit gym.

Branded Workout Gear: Invest in quality apparel and clothing for members to wear during their workouts and leisure time. Take your marketing efforts a step further and add your logo or CrossFit brand to help increase brand recognition.

Pre-workout and Recovery Supplements: Many people use pre-workout and post-workout supplements for strength, stamina, and recovery. Think about the accessories and nutritional products you use to help you power through your workouts. Get feedback from customers to help you determine the proper product selection for your CrossFit gym.

First Aid and WOD Kits: No matter how you look at it, it helps to offer products that customers can use when they sustain injuries. Branded bandages, wraps, hot and cold packs, ointments, creams, etc., can be beneficial in helping you meet your revenue and marketing targets without the extra hassle or expense.

Equipment: Your CrossFit product selection should include items that customers can use to work on their fitness goals away from the gym. Ropes, dumbbells, fitness balls, etc., are good to have in stock so members can purchase the items they need to perform their workouts when they cannot make it into your gym.

Clothing: It helps to choose clothing and apparel that best suits your customers’ needs during their workout and afterward. Shorts, shirts, hoodies, hats, and other items are great impulse-buy items. They also work well at marketing your gym and services to others without you making any additional investments.

Drinks and Food: Decide whether your gym will include a cafe or food and beverage items a la carte. Members need fuel to power through their workouts and recover afterward. Initially, you may want to use vending machines. But at some point, you should consider upgrading your food and beverage space and offerings to include items that meet your customers’ tastes and needs.

products to sell at your CrossFit gym

Essential Considerations to Keep in Mind

Another thing to consider when offering products to sell at your CrossFit gym is convenience. You are giving convenience by offering these products for your members to purchase onsite. Suitable products include protein bars, individual powder packets, headphones, shorts, towels, etc.

When deciding on products to market and sell at your CrossFit gym, it helps to consider how convenient they are for members. You’ll need to think from the members’ perspective and use what you know from your interactions. Ask yourself what goals they are trying to accomplish and what products you can offer to help them achieve them. You should also be able to answer yes to the following questions:

● Will this product help customers/members?
● Can coaches or trainers use this item?
● Will this product help the business?

You may need to experiment with different products until you find popular items with customers. The goal is for you to choose products that members need and will buy. One key strategy to implement when adding products to sell at your CrossFit gym is to keep it simple. Sure, your members may benefit tremendously if you were to offer a complete lineup of fitness gear and shoes for their workout and fitness goals, but due to space considerations, this may not be practical.

Work With Your Facility’s Design and Space

Choosing the right products to sell at your CrossFit is optimizing your location’s layout. The amount of space you allot for your gym’s merchandise is extremely important. Experiment with different products and setups until you find what works best for your gym. You may visit competitors for ideas and inspiration.

Choosing the right products to sell at your CrossFit gym is a great way to boost revenue and market your gym in and outside of the CrossFit community. But product selection is only part of the equation. You should also be open to trial and error with product displays and advertisements until you find what works best for your facility.

Don’t get complacent. The fitness industry is highly competitive, and new items and solutions are always on the horizon. Make sure you stay on top of the game by keeping track of new and upcoming fitness products that you can use to market your gym, increase member satisfaction, and boost revenue.

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