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Successful entrepreneurs looking to build a name for themselves as CrossFit affiliates understand that part of the planning process is knowing what type of equipment to invest in for their ventures. It is not necessary to invest in the hottest CrossFit equipment name brands available. Yet, careful consideration is crucial to ensure that any equipment investments made offer the best return possible for the long term.

Essentially, any CrossFit gym that is worth its name must have adequate equipment to get out of the startup stages so it can expand without compromising member experience or owner and operational expenses. Whether this is your first foray into becoming a CrossFit box gym owner or not, consider the following CrossFit equipment recommendations.

Coffee Machines and Recovery Accessories

Coffee is arguably one of the most popular natural performance enhancers and stimulants that many CrossFit and fitness enthusiasts cannot do without. Coffee and tea machines and recovery fuel may seem like luxury items, but they are not. Invest in good quality coffee and tea machines and recovery vending machines that offer a variety of coffee, tea, and recovery fuel options for members to enjoy. These items are important because they provide members with the support and stimulation they need to power through their workouts.

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Barbells With Bumper Plates

No CrossFit gym that is worth its reputation lacks barbells. Choose multiple sets of barbells in varying weights to accommodate trainer, group, and individual fitness goals. Many box gym owners skimp on barbells because they undervalue their importance or do not understand how critical they are for members. Box gym owners who have been in the game longer, initially limit the number of barbells available to members to lower their replacement costs.

New affiliates should start with 25lb, 35lb, and 45lb CrossFit barbells. Do not fall prey to marketing gimmicks and gender-biased equipment. Avoid low end or poor-quality items. The easiest and most proven way to save on CrossFit gym equipment is to invest in high-quality items that can withstand the test and demands of time and intense, brutal workouts.

Squat, Pullup, Safety, and Trap Specialty Bars

Do not forget to include equipment that caters to members with limited flexibility or injuries. Specialty bars and squat bars are essential items that make it easier for those members to adjust their workouts without feeling like they are missing out or not meeting their fitness and health concerns. Squat bars provide safety and ergonomic benefits that help enable those with limited flexibility to squat and perform CrossFit maneuvers without additional discomfort or injury risks. Safety bars are another type of specialty equipment that no CrossFit gym owner should overlook. Safety bars allow fitness enthusiasts to work out and rehab their bodies by providing additional stability to keep them safe while training.

Additional specialty bars that are beneficial for CrossFit box gyms are trap bars. These apparatuses are ideal for members who may have musculoskeletal conditions that impede spinal and hip function and overall mobility. Trap bars make it easier for members to perform basic and complex CrossFit movements and positions with less difficulty and fewer anthropometric limitations.

Mobility Devices

CrossFit is about pushing it to the limit and beyond. Make sure to invest in enough equipment that allows members to tackle their CrossFit workouts safely and confidently. They need tools that enable them to target their strengths and weaknesses and further their development. Do not go overboard or limit the gym’s offerings to CrossFit equipment essentials, such as foam rollers, PVC tubes of varying thickness, balls, etc. and items that mash different muscle groups with varying intensity levels. Benches (flat and incline), dumbbells, jump and speed ropes, ring sets, quick release collars, row machines, ab mats, and plyo boxes are also must-have items for new and expanding CrossFit box gyms.

Floor Mats and Protection

CrossFit is a high impact discipline. Protect the floors with mats that provide appropriate cushioning and support against brute force and impact. To ensure the gym floors have adequate protection against mobility, plyometrics, Olympic lifts, and dropped weight equipment, invest in rubber rolls, mats, tiles, stall mats, etc.

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Considerations When Selecting CrossFit Equipment

Before shopping for CrossFit box gym equipment, establish a healthy budget and carefully weigh the pros and cons of leasing over purchasing equipment outright. Leasing may seem like the most affordable option initially, but it does pose certain risks, especially for owners with limited financial resources, less than ideal credit profiles, or experience. Also, consider the average class size and space necessary to meet individual, DIY, and group CrossFit demands. Having a realistic idea of the number of essential shareable items makes it easier to determine which equipment purchases can be limited or compromised on initially.

Choosing the right CrossFit box gym equipment requires you to put yourself in the shoes of potential and current members. Simply having the right items in place is extremely necessary for member engagement and motivation. Create a list of essential CrossFit items you prefer and use it to cultivate recommendations to outfit your box gym. Try to keep an open mind about this while doing so.

Ultimately, your choice of CrossFit equipment should leave nothing to member imagination, and it should not overextend your financial resources. Also, CrossFit insurance can help lower equipment replacement costs associated with damage, fire, theft, and other covered events. You can always upgrade and add more equipment and insurance coverage as necessary to sustain your gym’s growth and longevity. Successful CrossFit affiliates and trainers understand the importance of investing in the proper equipment and CrossFit insurance coverage right off the bat.

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