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As a personal trainer, you have a craft and the ability to help others meet their health goals. With this skill set, you can use CrossFit knowledge and its health benefits and provide it to your clients. This is a rewarding career that many personal trainers enjoy as a career.

Sometimes, mishaps happen in training, and there are consequences as a result of legal action.  To protect your career and the personal training services that you provide, it is important to invest in fitness insurance for your protection. This is a responsibility that you have as a fitness provider to protect yourself, your clients, your gym members, and the community that you are working within.

What Is Fitness Insurance?

One of the specialty insurance options offered, fitness insurance is available for personal trainers and gyms across the country. It is designed to protect you and your gym in the event of a tragedy or unfortunate event involving your training as a personal trainer. The types of occurrences vary, but if they involve a personal trainer and any exercise recommendation, fitness insurance can assist with these costs and damages. Fitness insurance can include protection for the following:

  • General Liability Coverage
  • Professional Liability Coverage
  • Worker’s Compensation Coverage

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General Liability Coverage

With the general liability coverage portion, your fitness insurance breaks down its coverage, with a total of $1M per occurrence. Depending on the damage done, the limits vary from personal injury to advertising, including damage to the rented property. With personal trainers working with clients on and off the gym property, this is

Professional Liability Coverage

As a personal trainer, you are meant to assist clients with the appropriate exercises to help them see results and improve their health. Sometimes, a trainer can recommend an exercise that may not be appropriate for the client or their health, causing further issues.  Your CrossFit gym is protected with professional liability coverage if a client is given improper information at the professional level that may cause them harm or injury.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Employees who are hurt on the job need can have access to Worker’ Compensation coverage to protect a portion of their wages and any medical bills they acquire while on leave and treat the injury. This coverage also prevents the employees from suing you as the business owner. Having this protection for your employees allows them to have access to the coverage they need when they are hurt to receive adequate medical attention.

Calculating How Much Fitness Insurance You Need

Developing a quote for your fitness insurance comes with a breakdown of what each component of your policy will be for each occurrence and/or term.

  • Medical Expenses
  • Personal and Advertising Injury Limit
  • Damage to Rented Premise Limit
  • Annual Aggregate-General Liability
  • Annual Aggregate All Coverage Parts
  • Abuse and Molestation Occurrence
  • Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limit

All of these different components are underwritten in your fitness insurance quote. The type of training you are certified to do and how frequently you utilize this skill set in your facility will determine the maximum amounts available for each damaged area.

Per Occurrence Limit

This is the total amount of liability coverage you can receive for each occurrence where it is needed. Most accidents that happen do not max out the amount available because the severity of the incident varies depending on the accident. In fact, many choose to sue for either negligence or medical expenses if the accident caused physical pain. This maximum limit is large enough to cover the total cost of all the different aspects of the insurance. With fitness insurance, there is a maximum of 3 instances per insurance term allowed to be covered.

These different fitness insurance parts are calculated and determined based upon the type of fitness services you provide and access to your clients. You want to make sure, though, that you have financial coverage in any situation, which is why there are quotes for advertising damages, as well as medical expenses. For CrossFit Personal Trainers, these are essential because of the complexity of fitness and close interaction with clients.

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Benefits of Fitness Insurance

Whether you are working as an employee in a gym, having a solo career, or operating as the facility owner, it is essential to guard yourself with fitness insurance for a variety of different protections. You have more than just yourself to think about in the grand scheme of things and protect yourself, your gym properly. Your community financially is critical to the success of your business and career as a personal trainer.

1. Asset Protection

If you are found liable for a client’s injury or another injury related to fitness, your assets could be lost if you do not have the right protection. With fitness insurance, the liability coverages span general and professional cases, giving you some financial security when paying for each occurrence.

2. Business Protection

Should there be a case within your gym or with a personal trainer employed with your gym, the business has taken all the necessary steps to maintain financial protection. Requiring this type of insurance from personal trainers puts the liability back on them. Your business could suffer significantly if an accident happens, and your business is forced to cover the cost of damages.

3. Community Protection

With fitness insurance, you can protect the community that your gym and personal training services regularly. Because accidents can happen, you do not want to upset the community that your gym is serving. With fitness insurance, you have the right protection, and the community is protected from exposure or suffering from the case at hand.

Take Precautions With Fitness Insurance

All certified personal trainers should consider protecting their careers and their craft with fitness insurance coverage. If you would like more information on a fitness insurance policy or would like to speak with a representative from CrossFit Risk Retention Group contact us today!



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