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Whether you plan to take on clients as an independent CrossFit personal trainer or work at a fitness center or gym, you’ll need online CrossFit personal training insurance to get started. Not only is insurance a requirement in the CrossFit industry for trainers and affiliates, but it’s also excellent protection against common issues and legal claims that can arise at any time.


All too often, fitness professionals do not realize the importance of having a comprehensive policy that offers CrossFit liability coverage. Yet, they opt for basic or generic coverage that offers little protection in a high injury risk fitness niche. Then, there are those who believe they can see clients without insurance coverage.

CrossFit is a booming industry ripe with opportunities for fitness enthusiasts interested in a rewarding CrossFit trainer or affiliate career. Because a critical industry requirement is for affiliates and trainers to have insurance coverage for protection, one of the first places professionals look is online.

The internet is a great source to research and learn about online personal trainer insurance coverage options. However, many professionals believe it’s challenging to find a credible and trustworthy CrossFit insurer that offers the affordable and custom insurance products they need.

Reasons to Consider Online CrossFit Personal Training Insurance

CrossFit insurance covers liability risks that are specific to the industry. Standard and basic personal and commercial fitness insurance is not sufficient. All too often, novices and experts assume they can get by with the bare minimum only to end up experiencing significant stress and financial expenses over unavoidable or unexpected circumstances that lead to litigation.

To make it easier for professionals to safely take on clients sooner, CrossFit RRG offers the following reasons it’s beneficial for trainers and affiliates to have online CrossFit personal training insurance.

Boosts Credibility

CrossFit trainers are held to higher standards than other specialized fitness professionals. Any trainer who knows their craft understands that no amount of training, certifications, or technique modifications is enough to eliminate the possibility or risk of injury. No matter how authoritative or popular a trainer or affiliate is, there will always be clients who think they can crush their workouts utilizing the same techniques, practices, and movements as someone who’s more experienced.

Sure, you may hold the highest CrossFit certifications and credentials and have many awards recognizing your expertise. But if you want clients to take you seriously and respect your training recommendations, you need to go a step further than the average fitness professional by investing in online CrossFit personal training insurance. If you want clients to respect your expertise and time, make sure you’re insured by a trusted CrossFit insurance company to help boost your credibility.

Employer/Onsite Coverage Is Not Enough

Many CrossFit trainers have the flexibility to work independently or as employees. It’s a common assumption that trainers seeing clients in formal workout environments, such as fitness centers or gyms, means personal coverage is optional and, in many cases, unnecessary. That’s a flawed assumption to make that can lead to difficulty down the road in the event complaints or injuries arise.

Most personal and commercial gym insurance policies do not cover incidents involving trainers, regardless of their employment status. Also, many fitness centers that employ CrossFit personal trainers and offer additional specialized fitness services are generally not insured enough to cover the challenges and liability risks specific to the CrossFit industry. It’s a good idea for professional trainers to invest in personal trainer insurance that covers them directly, regardless of whether they provide their services onsite or online.

Clients Matter

It’s easy to underestimate the impact of services CrossFit trainers provide to their clients. Yes, you are providing your expertise to help clients achieve their health and fitness goals, but don’t overlook the fact that trainers and clients share similar risks. If they have training-related accidents that cause them injury, they deserve and, in most cases, will sue for compensation to cover their medical expenses and possibly pain and suffering.

Trainers are often held liable for calamities that befall their clients in and outside the gym. Even if their training includes an online component for them to take their CrossFit workout sessions on the go, trainers still have significant risks that could cost them their business.

No matter how well fitness professionals think of their clients, there’s always the possibility of them suing or leveraging claims that tarnish their reputation and increase the cost of doing business. Fortunately, CrossFit personal trainers can beef up their protection with personal trainer liability insurance.

CrossFit personal training insurance

Online CrossFit Personal Training Insurance Protection

General liability offers protection against concerns regarding property damage, injuries, and property damage. Clients aren’t the only ones vulnerable to accidents and injuries. These issues impact trainers too and can mean the difference in being able to cover the costs of unexpected clients and training-related problems that can occur and continuing with business as usual or bankruptcy and the end of a promising and rewarding career.

Professional liability covers issues related to direct client interactions/training sessions. Clients are not as skilled or knowledgeable about the equipment, body mechanics, and protocols that help to limit their risk of accidents and injuries. To avoid issues that may lead to clients accusing you of negligence because of communication issues or physical limitations that prevent them from performing techniques properly, you need a top-notch CrossFit personal trainer professional liability policy.

At the minimum, CrossFit professionals should have general and professional liability coverage. Those who want to focus on instructing others should also have CrossFit personal training insurance. To learn more about online CrossFit personal training insurance and more, contact CrossFit RRG at (310) 734-4373.


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