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If you are a CrossFit gym owner, you know the significance of your CrossFit insurance policy.  You have probably insured your premises, equipment, clients, and employees against general liability and special events risks.

But have you considered taking accident insurance as part of your CrossFit gym insurance policy? As you work hard to help your clients keep fit, you are aware that some may be injured on your premises.

Besides meeting the hefty medical expenses, having accident insurance can benefit your CrossFit gym in other ways. In this article, we will explore why you need accident insurance as part of a CrossFit gym insurance policy.

Let us begin by unraveling accident insurance.

What is Accident Insurance?

If a client or worker obtains major injuries at your premises, they may institute a lawsuit to seek compensation. Some may demand you to meet their medical expenses, compensate them for lost or damaged properties, or the loss of opportunities to earn a livelihood while they nurse injuries. This mostly happens if the patient suffers major injuries, and in this case, your general insurance will be helpful.

However, there are instances where the patient has minor injuries that will not warrant a lawsuit but whose cost of treatment may be high. Your accident insurance ensures you do not pay out of pocket for the ambulance, hospitalization, and rehabilitation.

Accident insurance is optional. You can ask your insurance services provider to have it as part of your CrossFit gym insurance policy, or you can leave it out.

But before deciding to include or leave accident insurance out of your CrossFit gym insurance policy, let us consider some benefits of having accident insurance as part of your CrossFit gym insurance policy.

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Benefits of Accident Insurance in CrossFit Gym Insurance Policy

Reduces Your Medical Bills

Paying medical bills for workers and clients’ injuries out of pocket can overwhelm you. With the increased demand for CrossFit gym services, more people may seek your fitness services. Some have used gym equipment before, but some may be going to the gym for the first time.

Even though you have detailed training sessions for your workers and clients on CrossFit gym safety measures, accidents are sometimes bound to happen. Your medical expense cover will pay bills for minor injuries, preventing you from incurring unexpected medical costs.

Attract Clients and Workers

Employees will be more willing to work in a gym where they enjoy medical expenses cover. They understand that there are risks associated with working in a gym.

As much as they may have certificates for several safety courses, they also know that accidents are bound to happen. You will attract and retain high-quality workers if you have accident insurance as part of your CrossFit gym insurance policy.

Clients will also prefer a CrossFit gym where their medical expenses are insured. They know the risks associated with going for a workout in a CrossFit gym, including exposure to health risks that come with interactions with other people.

They will be more willing to enroll for CrossFit gym services if you inform them that you have a cover for CrossFit gym-related medical expenses.

Better Medical Care

If you have a accident insurance as part of your CrossFit gym insurance policy, your policy provider may recommend the best healthcare facility for a specific injury or illness.

You may also benefit from their good relationship with the healthcare providers to get the best specialists within no time. This is unlike when you are the one looking for the specialist since you may know only a few, while the insurance provider may have a long list of the specialists they collaborate with.


Accident insurance is flexible. In most cases, it runs for a year, allowing you to make adjustments before renewing your policy. They allow you to include more workers and clients as your CrossFit gym business grows. You can also adjust what your policy covers as you renew your policy.

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It is Simple

Regardless of the size of your CrossFit gym, your accident insurance will be easy to comprehend and fill. CrossFit Risk Retention group has accident insurance as part of every policy offered.

And if you find the plan hard to understand, your insurance agent or broker will be at hand to break it down for you. They will also be there to take you through the application and claim processes.

Now that you know the benefits of accident insurance for your CrossFit gym, go ahead and take medical expenses coverage for your workers and clients. CrossFit RRG will be the best accident insurance provider for you.

At CrossFit Risk Retention Group, the process is simplified. You will use only a few minutes to get insured and leave to go spend your time to grow your CrossFit gym business.

The company was founded particularly to serve CrossFit communities. You can count on us to understand and address the insurance needs of CrossFit gyms like yours.

Call CrossFit RRG for exceptional customer service, a quick response time of not more than 48 hours, and a simple and efficient experience.

You can fill your online application to get a free quote. If you are happy with the quote, you can then pay online, and we will process your application promptly.

At CrossFit RRG, you will find a unique accident insurance that they can customize to suit the needs of your CrossFit gym.

Get in touch with us today on 310-937-2007, and we will answer any of your CrossFit gym insurance questions.


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