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Your CrossFit Gym is not only a place of business for you, but it is a central location where members and staff come together to help each other with fitness goals. This CrossFit Box allows many to take on physically challenging techniques and equipment designed with their personal health in mind. One of the most responsible choices you can make is to purchase general liability insurance.

Reasons Your CrossFit Gym Needs General Liability Insurance

1. Property Protection

Whether you own the building where your CrossFit gym is located or you are leasing the space, there is always the potential for property damage to happen. This is especially true if your facility hosts many events and has a significant number of members. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and you could be found liable for these damages. With general liability insurance, you have the financial protection you need to cover these costs and keep your facility safe and operational.

2. Business Liability Protection

With so much equipment and members moving through your facility, it is important to make sure that you prepare for situations where someone gets hurt. Issues such as dropping weights or missing equipment are common claims against any gym, including CrossFit facilities. In cases where members or guests in your facility find that you are liable for the accident, you are responsible for these costs. With business liability protection, you can have financial coverage for any medical bills or personal property damaged that belonged to that guest.


3. Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Depending on your state, worker’s compensation coverage may already be required for commercial insurance. Even if it is not, it is a great insurance policy that protects your employees and your business. Sometimes your coaches get hurt on the job. It could be during training or having a fall somewhere on the property. If they are hurt on the premises and during their shift, they are eligible for this coverage type. With worker’s compensation coverage, any medical expenses that your employee incurs initially and through recovery are covered by this policy. In return, they are not able to file a lawsuit against your business, further protecting your CrossFit facility.

4. Claims Against Abuse and Molestation

Any time you have a business where physical contact is required between your staff and members, it is essential to have a layer of protection for all types of situations and claims that could arise. Unfortunately, there are instances where different physical abuse types may happen or appear to have happened in a fitness setting. To protect your employees and your business, it is critical to have coverage for abuse and molestation cases that may arise.

5. Protection For Fitness Advice and Certifications of Coaches

When you advertise your CrossFit box to the community, your members are coming in with the expectation of having certified coaches to assist them with their fitness goals. They also look to these individuals for fitness advice to help them both inside and outside the facility. There are cases where they are given wrong advice or encouraged to do something that affects them differently than other members. Should your facility be found liable for misinformation that was harmful to the client medically, financially, or in any capacity, you have the protection you need to cover any damage costs and reimbursements on behalf of your employees.

6. Slander Protection

If a representative of your facility is out slandering another business while in your establishment or wearing clothing representing your CrossFit facility, your business could come under fire for damages to this company. This type of claim is found primarily in competing businesses, so it is important to avoid calling out the competition in your own marketing and advertising.

7. Image Usage

When you are growing your CrossFit gym in your community, your best option is to utilize pictures and videos to highlight your services, what your members are doing, and encourage others to come for a visit. It is important to make sure that any images used during these advertisements are done with the appropriate permission from staff and members. There are some cases where individuals may be photographed or video against their wishes. They could file a suit against your facility for improper image use. Copyrighting is something that is taken seriously and is easy to do accidentally.

8. Intellectual Property

Images of your members are not the only concerns that you should have when it comes to copyright. Any external images that you use, text, or intellectual property that you pass off as your own really must belong to your CrossFit facility. If you are using any material directly from CrossFit, it is important to make sure that you have the appropriate permission to use this property.  These images can be used on your website, social media accounts, or any other platforms that you may use to promote your facility and CrossFit.

crossfit_man doing squats in crossfit gym

9. Hiring Flexibility

When you carry general liability insurance on your CrossFit facility, you have the ability to be flexible with your staff members. While most of your employees are salaried and have a full-time position, having independent contractors come in periodically or to cover events that your gym may host is much easier to do when you have this coverage. You can expand your services easier and determine what works best as you continue to grow your business.

10. Special Event Protection

Getting involved and getting people into the gym is a big component of CrossFit. If you have a CrossFit event, you would like to host or join, general liability coverage may be required before you can be listed. Sponsors and CrossFit officials will often only work with those facilities with the essential coverage needed to cover crowds generated at these events.

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