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CrossFit is by far one of the most popular workout programs in the United States. The benefits are clear — people who participate in CrossFit workouts can get fit, healthy, and stay active. However, not many people know about the liability risks that come with operating a CrossFit gym.

The CrossFit injury risk is similar to other sports like Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. Shoulder girdle, shoulder joint, and spine injuries are predominant in CrossFit but lower than contact sports such as rugby union or league. In this blog post, we will discuss these risks, so you can make an informed decision about opening and running your own business!

Failure to Comply with CrossFit Affiliate Program and its Consequences

CrossFit® is a dynamic, scalable fitness program to improve overall physical preparedness. To have the legal right to use the CrossFit® name, logo, and teaching methodology, you will need to enter into an affiliate agreement with them.

As an affiliate, you will need to agree with CrossFit’s terms and conditions to use their trademarked name while continuing your business operations. Failure of this agreement could mean termination and rebranding or cessation of operation for the Affiliate location involved.

There are many ways potential gym owners can mitigate this risk, including hiring staff members who are certified as CrossFit instructors or joining their local affiliate program, which offers insurance coverage on coaches’ certifications.

To open and operate a CrossFit gym per the CrossFit Affiliate Program, you must have an annual License and pay ongoing fees. CrossFit defines Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) as the operating procedures developed by the Sponsor on behalf of its affiliates designed to create consistency in affiliates’ operation.

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One significant risk associated with CrossFit gyms is injuries or illnesses caused to clients under the supervision of a trainer. If you are found liable for causing the injury, you can be held accountable to pay for the injuries, damaged property, and lost earnings.

As such, owners must set up their gym with safety standards, so they can minimize risks. This includes using equipment correctly; encouraging participants not to use weights heavier than what they can lift appropriately without causing harm; taking breaks when needed between sets by walking around, and drinking water.

To reduce your risk:

  • Make sure you have a good screening process and intake documentation.
  • Have clients sign an informed consent form before doing any exercises to protect them and yourself from liability if something goes wrong.
  • Educate your clients on how they can avoid injury by advising safe handling practices of equipment when exercising.

Lack of Insurance Coverage

CrossFit has taken the world by storm. It’s one of the fastest-growing fitness trends and a great way to stay in shape, build friendships, and lead an active lifestyle! As someone who owns their CrossFit box (gym), you know how important it is for your clients — no matter what goal they have or challenge they’re facing- that safety comes first. That starts with having insurance coverage, so accidents don’t derail your business dreams before they even get off the ground. Below are different insurance types you can apply for:

General liability insurance

No matter how secure you make your CrossFit gym and the level of certification required from trainers, accidents happen. Hence, it is essential to prepare for this inevitability by having general liability business insurance within your policy.

General Liability Insurance covers doctor bills for broken fingers, twisted ankles, or other similar injuries that occur in our gyms or during workout sessions.

Workers’ Compensation Protection Insurance

If your CrossFit gym has an entire staff, you need to take workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage is mandatory for any of your employees who get injured while performing their duties. It also helps them secure money and benefits if they are hurt on the job or become ill due to work-related reasons—in turn, reducing liability and providing peace of mind for all involved parties.

Abuse and Molestation Insurance

The molestation and abuse policies cover any claims related to sexual misconduct in your business. You want all members to feel safe working out with you, so they must know the boundaries of appropriate behavior before training begins.

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Harassment in The CrossFit Box

Just like any other fitness center, CrossFit gyms experience an influx of all different kinds of people. Acts of violence, sexual abuse, and harassment are real concerns for any gym owner. They damage your business’s finances and reputation.

Below are some ways you can use to avoid these incidents:

  • Hiring a security guard or having someone in the front desk 24/hours, 365 days of the year
  • Having strict guidelines and policies on how to handle disputes among members, so they don’t escalate into something more serious
  • Using surveillance cameras with recording capabilities if you have an open space concept design. These machines can be monitored live by staff at all times via computer screens which also helps deter theft and keep track of who’s coming and going from your facility.

Damage to Personal Property

Damaging or breaking equipment or the fabric of your facility is costly and can make you liable for those damages. You need to be protected with general liability insurance so that if someone gets hurt on your watch, they might get compensated for an accident. But, it’s not enough to have liability coverage alone.

There should also be a disclaimer in any user agreement that includes language stating clients are responsible for paying out-of-pocket compensation related to damage caused by their behavior while at this location — like intentional mischief!

In Conclusion;

CrossFit gyms are popping up everywhere. With the increased popularity, there is also an increase in liability risks for those who operate these facilities. At CrossFit RRG, we can help you protect yourself and your business with comprehensive coverage that includes broad general liability options to cover injuries sustained on your premises. Contact us today to see how we can help you get insurance coverage before it’s too late!