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We’re CrossFit RRG. Insurance for the CrossFit
Community, by the CrossFit Community.

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We provide coverage for CrossFit Affiliates and independent CrossFit Trainers. Join the community.

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We know the ins and outs of the coverage CrossFit Trainers and Affiliate need.

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Over 2,500 Affiliate members strong; join our growing network.

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We pride ourselves on quick response times, efficiency, and great customer service.


Our priority is protecting the CrossFit Community.

Train hard and have a great time growing your community without the worries of insurance. We know your business and encourage our CrossFit communities to get together with family, friends, and loved ones. 

Crossfit Affiliates

Insurance for Crossfit Affiliate Owners

Crossfit Trainers

Insurance for Crossfit Affiliate Owners

For brokers providing Affiliate insurance, learn more about our broker program

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John McPherson

John McPherson

P3 Crossfit

“With the CrossFit RRG, you will never have to think twice about choosing another insurance company. The CrossFit RRG supported my gym and successfully defended us and thus the entire CrossFit methodology in court. While other insurance companies would have settled, the CrossFit RRG stood their ground.”

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