CrossFit Risk Rentention Group

Brandon Shuck, an affiliate owner for 10 years, will lead the sales and development team at CrossFit RRG. “Brandon is an insurance professional who understands the CrossFit community deeply. We’re excited for Brandon to join the team. He’s been through the insurance selection process as an Affiliate Owner. He gets it – he will take our products and service to the next level. We’re excited about the future!” – said Eric Reingen, COO of CrossFit RRG.   

Here’s Brandon’s message to his fellow Affiliate Owners:

As Affiliate Owners, we have spent countless hours putting systems together, training our staff, and equipping our gyms to make the best and safest environment for our members. But, accidents happen, and you need to have a company rooted in CrossFit to protect you from the unexpected. 

The CrossFit RRG is owned by the Affiliates. When the unexpected happens, it is defended by legal experts who know CrossFit. No other insurance program is specific to the needs that CrossFit gyms have because we understand CrossFit. 

I have been an Affiliate Owner with my wife here in Charlotte, North Carolina, for almost 10 years, and being backed by the CrossFit RRG helps us focus on the things that matter most to us, our trainers and members. The team and I at CrossFit RRG make the insurance process simple and quick, so you can spend more time growing your business. I am here to help answer any questions you may have, please use me as a resource. 


Brandon Shuck

CrossFit RRG 

Director of Sales

Office: 323-400-4734

Cell: 980-505-4355

CrossFit Pineville