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Now that you’ve made up your mind about opening a CrossFit box gym or operating as an affiliate, you might find yourself a bit perplexed as to what kind of insurance to acquire. To start, affiliates and gym owners are required to have insurance coverage that meets certain criteria. After all, CrossFit gyms come with risks that normally don’t apply to other types of businesses. Accidents are not always preventable, equipment damage is highly possible, and the possibility of employees or members/guests becoming ill or injured while on the premises or performing work is inescapable.

Though box gym owners have the luxury of investing in a general liability policy to cover the basics, CrossFit business owners must also consider how heavily these issues can impact their organization’s reputation, profits, success and the possibility of lawsuits and legal costs. To better understand the importance of CrossFit insurance requirements, take a look at the following information.

Comprehensive General Liability of $1,000,000 Per Occurrence/$2,000,000 Aggregate

General liability insurance is vital for CrossFit professionals to reduce the amount of operational and financial inconvenience and stress they may incur from claims involving injuries sustained by guests, employees, and anyone on the property or while engaged in gym-related activities or duties. It also covers litigation and associated expenses for property damage (building or company equipment), complaints, etc.

Policy limits vary per insurer, but CrossFit requires affiliates to maintain a $1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 minimum. This limit is the most an insurer will pay out for all approved claims within the covered timeframe. This is on par with the average policy limit for general liability insurance for most situations. When you think about the financial ramifications of covered events and how much they could cripple or destroy your business each and every year, with the costs increasing astronomically, it’s easier to understand the importance of having CrossFit insurance.

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Professional Liability Coverage of $1,000,000.00

Professional liability insurance is also a requirement that is essential for success. Running a gym or operating as an affiliate or some other type of fitness or CrossFit professional means working with vendors, contractors, employees, and others. Owners are responsible for claims that arise from negligence involving the delivery or failed delivery of services related to their businesses.

In the fitness industry, both general and professional liability insurance offers business professionals a solid foundation to weather the issues and events that can negatively impact their gym operations and success. But, in order to better navigate the business side of the fitness industry, additional inclusions may be necessary for protection that is tailored to the unique needs of the gym. In addition to maintaining the CrossFit minimum for coverage, professionals should also consider investing in other types of optional coverage for better protection.

Customized Protection

There are several types of commercial coverages available for professionals to invest in for their success. Exact needs are highly dependent on the owner’s needs and the organization they represent. While some professionals may find this a great way to get by with the bare minimum, this is a poor way to mitigate against risks, which are an unavoidable aspect of owning or running a business anywhere in the world.

However, researching the dangers and issues that can make it much harder to pursue your dreams of being a successful CrossFit affiliate, box gym or work-out-demand fitness owner is necessary in order for you to take steps to optimize your coverage. Doing so allows you to realize the value of incorporating property, workers’ compensation, and other types of policies to strengthen your business’ foundation and solidify its status as a contender in the highly competitive CrossFit and fitness industries.

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Additional Perks

CrossFit insurance is an extremely valuable tool that enables professionals to legally use and benefit from the CrossFit brand. It offers credibility which is helpful in attracting clients or new business and maintaining success and recognition. Of course, these benefits do require complete compliance with all affiliate requirements.

When assessing CrossFit Insurance needs, professionals should review their situations and adjust their coverage as needed. The risks and liabilities of being a fitness professional constantly change and increase with time. For example, as a novice, your venture into the professional side of CrossFit was to work as a trainer, yet later on, you find yourself ready to branch out into something bigger like becoming an affiliate or a box gym owner. Your insurance coverage needs are going to require more than what’s required by CrossFit.

Get Coverage That Works Harder

We encourage current and potential policyholders to contact us at 310-937-2007 for an assessment to ensure they get the protection that works best for them while ensuring they meet CrossFit’s insurance requirements. CrossFit RRG is a CrossFit insurance and community leader that offers affordable and comprehensive CrossFit insurance options.


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