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Getting ready to start planning a CrossFit competition? Whether or not it’s your first time doing so, it helps if you exercise a bit of due diligence to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. When done right, CrossFit competitions are a popular and highly successful way to market your box gym and gain lots of exposure. Competitions are also an excellent way to boost membership and strengthen ties with the local community and network.

When it comes to hosting special events, it’s not just your business on the line, it’s the CrossFit brand as well. To take advantage of the perks that come with the name, you must consistently be willing to take the necessary steps to protect and represent your affiliation with the CrossFit Community. To ensure that your CrossFit competition or special event goes off without a hitch, consider the following information about investing in competition insurance.

CrossFit Competition Planning

Think about how much attention you plan to attract. CrossFit requires special events to be properly insured. Preparation is important and requires a significant effort for success. You need to put yourself in the shoes of a marketer or promoter, so you don’t miss any critical steps in the planning process. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How small or large do you expect the competition or event to be?
  • Is the event open to the general public or a private affair, reserved exclusively to members?
  • What activities or competitions will take place?
  • What equipment is necessary?

Planning a special event can seem overwhelming. Be sure to visit the CrossFit RRG blog for resources and guidance to help you avoid common challenges in planning special CrossFit events that are unique to the industry to alleviate much of the stress and guesswork.

It’s best to have a good middle ballpark estimate. If you underestimate the attendance or participants, the risk of accidents and injuries increase astronomically. There are also other considerations that could reflect negatively upon your event and gym. To avoid issues that could put yourself in the shoes of the participant and try to see things from their view and plan accordingly.

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Safety Is Paramount

No matter how talented, skilled, or knowledgeable the participants are, there is always the danger of harm due to equipment, another member or trainer or some unexpected factor. There’s also the possibility of something happening that violates the terms of use for the venue or location. To avoid the immediate and long-term fallout of agreement and contract violations, review all documents and agreements carefully and with your attorney if possible.

  • Is the flooring up to par?
  • How sturdy and sound is the equipment?
  • Is your venue or location large and safe enough for the event?
  • Will you use signage to keep guests and participants informed of hazards, guidelines, and other pertinent event info?

Don’t assume that the venue or location is going to use the same due diligence in guarding against liabilities. Protect your business and reputation by making sure that everything is A-OK with your venue and the necessary safety precautions are in place prior to signing off on any contracts or leases. If provisions are necessary, try to have them included in the contract before you sign it.

Proof of Special Events/Competition Insurance

CrossFit requires event hosts to file an application for special events certificate. To do this, contact your insurer to find out if your policy includes special event insurance and if it’s applicable to the event you’re planning to host. Depending on the size of your event, you may need to purchase additional coverage. Most gym and business insurance policies exclude certain types of activities like competitions and events that take place offsite. You should also review our coverage to ensure that it includes the type of events that’ll take place at your competitions and if they are not listed in your policy, purchase the necessary riders to shore up any gaps in your coverage.

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What Does CrossFit Competition Insurance Do?

The way special events insurance works is it covers what is normally not included under any other type of insurance. In the fitness industry, accidents and injuries are to be expected. Most standard gym liability options only extend to incidents that occur at your place of business or facility. And even then, it’s very specific about what’s included. Competition insurance goes several steps above and beyond to cover your business and any volunteers, vendors, employees, and participants. It’s a financial disaster plan to help you break even and keep your gym or special event running smoothly without missing a beat.

Because your event is only as great and exciting as you make it, you should consider incorporating fundraising, awards, and other activities to make things more exciting and competitive for all. No matter what you decide, play it safe and get the right amount of CrossFit Competition insurance to give you and everyone else complete peace of mind so they can focus on the thrill and excitement of competing and winning.

Planning is best when done several months in advance so you can tackle any wayward tasks that may crop up along the way. Advance planning is also beneficial to ensure that you can send proper notice to CrossFit showing that your event meets the necessary requirements. Also, if you have a policy with CrossFit RRG, you can relax knowing that your coverage automatically applies to events covering 100 or fewer participants, fundraisers and charities that donate a minimum of 50% of the proceeds or are affiliates only.

For additional information on how to beef up your policy for gym businesses, competitions, or special events, give us a call at (310) 937-2007. CrossFit RRG is committed to helping CrossFit professionals live out their fitness and business dreams.

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