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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present unique challenges for the fitness industry in 2022. As part of our unwavering commitment to the CrossFit community, CrossFit RRG is the only insurance provider that includes Communicable Disease insurance up to $250,000 per occurrence. We’ve compiled a list of COVID strategies for fitness professionals to use to ensure the health and safety of their patrons and staff. We understand gyms may pick up some protocols, or have zero protocols, and that’s okay with us. The following COVID mitigation protocols are not required by CrossFit RRG policyholders and are simply helpful measures for gym owners to implement if they choose.

Implement Daily Symptom Screenings in CrossFit Gyms

Stock up on appropriate symptom screening PPE and equipment such as thermal forehead thermometers, medical-grade latex/vinyl gloves, alcohol wipes and sprays, disinfectant solutions, etc. Screen each employee daily for signs of fever, coughing, sneezing and other high-risk contact and potential exposure. Document all findings and be prepared to send any staff, member, affiliate, or guest with a fever of 100 or higher, or who appears ill, is symptomatic or has been in close contact with someone who is infected to go home and take appropriate safety precautions for themselves and loved ones. Require potentially infected workers to have a negative COVID test after taking the recommended days off for quarantine before returning to the gym.

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Modify Class Size and Training Sessions Times

Reduce or cap class and training session sizes so that they’re lower than the recommended capacity for your facility. Smaller class sizes are also necessary to maximize the physical distance between everyone and minimize potential and accidental contact/exposure. Upgrade your online scheduling software and capacity so that you can reduce class and training session sizes to help prevent the spread of germs and COVID. Provide and promote outdoor sessions as often as possible. Consider requiring members and guests to sign up or sign in online to minimize direct contact and potential infectious encounters.

Require Masks

Implement a mask mandate. Require all staff, affiliates, members, and guests to wear at all times while indoors. Keep extra masks for guests and staff to use. Keep in mind that some members may not feel comfortable or able to wear masks while working out.

Encourage Proper Hygiene

Promote good hygiene by encouraging everyone to wash their hands often and not just when they go to the bathroom. Provide hand sanitizer as well so guests and staff can practice proper hygiene while lowering their risk of infection to themselves and others.

Upgrade Ventilation Equipment

Use air purifiers and HEPA filtration systems and upgrade the facility’s ventilation to reduce the spread of infectious germs indoors. Open windows and doors whenever possible to allow fresh air inside and reduce the number of potential pathogens indoors.

Signage to Educate

Add signs and posters and make announcements that inform members and staff of your organization’s COVID protocols. Place signs in common areas, such as the break or lunchroom, shower/bathrooms, recovery areas, entrances and exits and any place that is highly visible and accessible to guests and staff. Also create flyers and branded keychains, magnets, and other promotional material and place them around the facility for members and affiliates to take and use to stay aware of rules.

Restrict Access

Encourage members to stay in their vehicles or to avoid arriving earlier than necessary to their classes or workouts to limit the number of people in your facility at any given time. Do not allow guests or members into the facility until five or ten minutes before their classes or workouts start.

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Require Physical Distancing

Do not allow anyone to get closer than six to 10 feet to anyone. Encourage members to bring or use chalk to separate themselves from others by creating a box or circle around themselves to prevent others from entering their space. Encourage members to keep all personal belongings with them or inside their area. Monitor all areas, especially places where members tend to socialize and get closer to each other.

Clean and Sanitize

Encourage members and require staff to clean/sanitize their equipment before and after use. Provide paper towels, disinfectant wipes or 60% or greater alcohol sprays in common areas and all throughout the facility. Thoroughly sanitize all equipment, commonly touched surfaces, such as light switches, door handles, etc. before opening and closing each day.

Provide Online Sessions

Avoid losing or alienating members by offering online WODs sessions. Keep in mind that some members may feel more comfortable working out from the comfort of their homes or want to continue their training while on quarantine from exposure or infection. Online CrossFit classes and training sessions provide greater flexibility and convenience and keep the infection risk low for everyone.

Stay Current on Local, Federal and CDC COVID Protocols

Review COVID prevention recommendations and guidelines and routinely assess your CrossFit facility’s risk and compliance. Adjust your covid prevention protocols as necessary and don’t forget to review other liability and risks concerns and implement measures to better protect your CrossFit business and its members and staff from issues that impact their overall safety.

Making sure your CrossFit center remains a safe and infection-free place for members of the CrossFit community is an ongoing challenge. Fortunately, CrossFit RRG is more than a trusted resource and insurer for CrossFit business owners and professionals to count on. For more information on COVID Protocols for CrossFit Gyms in 2022 or to learn affordable, comprehensive insurance products, call CrossFit RRG at (310) 937-2007 today!