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Opening your gym during COVID-19 requires being diligent about having the correct type of insurance coverage. If you are in the process of reopening your gym or are simply searching for ways to decrease your liability if cases are connected to your gym, purchasing a communicable disease insurance policy is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your business. This type of coverage goes a step further than the general policy you may already have, which provides a stronger layer of protection for gym owners.

Importance of Insurance Coverage for Gyms

Having some type of insurance policy is a must for all gym owners based on the high level of risk gyms present to members, staff members, and equipment. However, not all insurance policies offer the same types or amount of coverage, and it is crucial to ensure that your insurance investment adequately meets the needs of your gym and your patrons. Carefully considering every potential problem that your members and staff, equipment, and building may experience can help you ensure that your insurance policy sufficiently protects your gym.

Although you may initially assume that you will be covered for anything that happens at your gym as long as you have some type of insurance, many general policies have exclusions that may require purchasing supplemental coverage. This is particularly important for gym owners to note while considering options for decreasing their liability should patrons or staff members contract COVID-19 or another illness at the gym. Many basic insurance policies do not, in fact, automatically cover communicable diseases.

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Types of Gym Insurance

Although there are specialized insurance policies your gym may need based on your location, specific types of events you host, or other factors, there are four main types of insurance that all gyms and most other businesses should have to protect their assets and the people who use them. Each category of coverage may be purchased on its own, and many insurance companies offer comprehensive policies that combine several types of benefits.

General Liability Insurance

Your general liability insurance policy should be specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your facility. This policy protects gym owners from liability if members are injured at the gym. Based on the variety of risks of potential injury that naturally come with working out, general liability insurance is essential for all gym owners.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance covers a variety of types of accidental or intentional damage to your:

  • gym equipment
  • windows
  • building
  • other elements of your property

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance temporarily replaces income if your business needs to close based on an event that is specific to your building, such as a fire or flooding caused by a burst pipe. However, it usually does not cover COVID-19 closures.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation protects you from liability if your workers are injured at your gym and provides funds to cover your employee’s missed work, medical treatment, and other related expenses. Although it can be managed separately from your regular insurance policies, many insurance companies offer workers’ compensation policies that were designed to work well with their other insurance policies.

Importance of Communicable Disease Insurance

Knowing exactly how your gym’s insurance policy handles COVID-19 and other communicable diseases is crucial because many policies do not cover such illnesses. If you are in the process of reopening your gym or are concerned about whether you may be liable if a guest or staff member contracts COVID-19 at your gym, take some time to make sure you thoroughly understand the policy you have or are considering getting.

In many circumstances, you will need to purchase an additional infectious disease policy, also known as a communicable disease rider, to ensure that your business is sufficiently covered in case an outbreak becomes connected to your gym.

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Why Doesn’t My Current Insurance Policy Cover COVID-19?

Many types of insurance policies, such as gym insurance, other business insurance, and even travel insurance, are not designed to handle the widespread effects of COVID-19.

Insurance companies are intended to assist gyms and other businesses in specific, sporadic circumstances, and they typically do not have the funds available to make up for an event that closed nearly every gym in the country. This means that your business interruption insurance is unlikely to cover lost income while your gym was closed and your general liability insurance is unlikely to be of much assistance if your gym causes members to become ill.

What Is a Communicable Disease Rider?

A communicable disease rider is a specialized type of coverage that protects gym owners and other business owners from liabilities that are related to pandemics and other communicable diseases. Owners can purchase these policies specifically for COVID-19 related coverage or choose more general communicable disease insurance that applies to all communicable illnesses. They can protect your gym from disease-related lawsuits and provide a more reliable option for bringing in necessary income to help keep your gym from going out of business in case of future closures.

How Do I Get a Communicable Disease Rider? 

It is important to note that not all insurance companies offer add-on communicable disease insurance. If your current insurance provider has this type of policy available, you will typically need to add it when you renew your current business interruption, general liability, or commercial property insurance. Because insurance is intended to be purchased before it is needed, you will not always be able to add it to your active policy at any given time.

If you do not currently have gym insurance or are in the market for a new insurance provider, you will simply need to ensure that an adequate communicable disease insurance policy is added when you activate your new general liability, business interruption, or commercial property insurance policy. CrossFit RRG offers up to $250,000 in communicable disease coverage to our Affiliates, Trainers, and ISR Instructors.

Running your gym responsibly during a pandemic starts with making sure you have the right type of insurance to cover potential exposure. At CrossFit RRG, we are here to help CrossFit Affiliates, Trainers, and ISR Instructors across the country ensure that they have the proper coverage to open with minimal risk to their business. Contact us today to request a quote for our communicable disease insurance or to learn about our other policies!


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