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CrossFit is more than a fitness trend; it’s a way of life. It’s so popular that many people are not just using it to improve their fitness and health. They’re using it to transform their lives and pursue their dreams of becoming owners of CrossFit gyms, fitness businesses, and more.
CrossFit enthusiasts are no strangers to hard work and are passionate about taking on new challenges.

As exciting as the thought of starting a fitness or gym business is, no amount of passion and drive can substitute for good business acumen. It’s critical to evaluate all options, including franchise opportunities. For example, the failure rate for businesses in the first year is extremely high. That alone is why some professionals choose franchise opportunities instead of independent or private business ones. But it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor to consider.

What is a Franchise?

First, it helps to know the difference between a franchise and a private or independent fitness business. A franchise is essentially an established concept that allows investors or professionals to become franchisees. Franchisees can market or sell products and services under the name of their franchise. But they must adhere to all contractual obligations and pay marketing, licensing, and other fees to their franchisors.

Many professionals choose to go the franchise route because it eliminates many of the hurdles involved with startups. Two of the biggest perks of franchises over private businesses are the tools and resources available for support to help lessen the startup and growing pains during the first few years.

Franchisees have access to more resources to build or maintain reputation and credibility to market and advertise their businesses to the masses than startups. The downside is franchisees don’t have as much freedom or control to manage their businesses the way they desire. Franchisees are bound by the terms and conditions set forth by franchisors.

What is an Independent or Private Gym?

Independent or private gyms, on the other hand, are a bit different. Owners don’t have to follow a set business model, nor do they have the resources, industry experience or support of an established business to fall back on. Most independent or small gym business owners must do everything themselves.

For success, owners need more than a solid business plan, facility, or location. They also need financial resources, equipment, staff, brand recognition, and insurance. Independent gym owners must also figure out how to market their brand to attract members and keep them. Independent business owners spend far more time sourcing financial and business resources necessary for support.

Before opening a private CrossFit gym or a fitness franchise, carefully weigh the pros and cons of each type of business first. Franchises are ideal for those who want the benefits of gym ownership without all the trials and tribulations that come with starting from scratch. Independent or private gyms are more suitable for those willing to invest the time and effort into achieving success on their terms.

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What Sets CrossFit Gyms Apart From Franchises?

At this point, you might find yourself wondering what sets CrossFit apart from franchises. After all, if it’s not a franchise, what is it? CrossFit is an affiliate. Though the brand is a registered trademark and fitness movement, every CrossFit gym or facility is an affiliate or independent business. That means owners maintain the freedom and flexibility to customize and operate their businesses the way they see fit.

Key Benefits of Operating as a CrossFit Affiliate

Anyone interested in opening a CrossFit gym should become an affiliate first. At a minimum, affiliates or box gym owners must have a level 1 certification and pay annual fees to maintain their industry credentials. This may seem like the very definition of a franchise, but that’s where the similarities end.

Unlike franchise owners, CrossFit affiliates enjoy the following advantages:

Complete autotomy – Owners of CrossFit gyms or workout-on-demand facilities call the shots. They have the freedom to design and manage their facilities as they please. That includes choosing an appropriate business model and pricing structure that accommodates their goals.

Gain firsthand experience – Operating as an affiliate means owners get to experience the thrill and excitement of building their businesses from the ground up. Though there are more challenges involved with startups, the experience gained from meeting them head-on and overcoming them is invaluable.

More accommodating for members – Less structure means owners can put more effort into creating an environment that is most appealing to members. Getting to know members on a personal level makes it easier for affiliates to create the perfect workout space for members. They are more in tune with what customers want. This helps to eliminate much of the guesswork involved in managing a successful gym business.

Business personalization – CrossFit affiliates can put their personal touch on every aspect of their business to make it their own without limitations. They have the final word on everything from equipment, classes, training, and products. They can adjust their services and training as necessary.

Instant credibility and network – One of the most painful stages of starting a business is building credibility and brand recognition to attract members. Instead of starting with nothing, CrossFit affiliates gain the advantages of having a global network and community by their side. This is vital to help lessen their growing pains while testing different strategies to determine what works best for them to boost member loyalty and engagement.

Starting a business is not easy, especially for anyone who lives, breathes, and sleeps CrossFit. CrossFit RRG is a one-stop resource for CrossFit professionals and affiliates. We offer many services and insurance options to help streamline the business side of things, so professionals can spend more time creating the perfect experience for their members.

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