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Communicable Disease Insurance for Your Gym

Opening your gym during COVID-19 requires being diligent about having the correct type of insurance coverage. If you are in the process of reopening your gym or are simply searching for ways to decrease your liability if cases are connected to your gym, purchasing a communicable disease insurance policy is...

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What is General Liability Insurance for CrossFit Gyms?

Opening a CrossFit gym is a good idea for many reasons. It’s fun, exciting and can be lucrative. If you’re considering a CrossFit gym or have already decided to start one, we’re here to help you protect it. What is General Liability Insurance? The simplest ways to protect your gym...

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CrossFit Gym Insurance: What You Need to Know

You spend countless hours preparing and equipping your CrossFit box and ensuring that you have put your coaches through Level 1 to 4 certification courses. You take the time to ensure all your equipment is safe and up to par and your box is well protected, but who is protecting...

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CrossFit Affiliate Insurance Requirements

The CrossFit affiliate community is independently diverse in plans, box sizes, members, strengths, and weaknesses. That's what makes it so incredible - each affiliate is creative, unique, and inventive in the CrossFit community. Not to mention, all boxes are helpful and welcoming to all CrossFitters in need of training and...

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