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Average Cost of Malpractice Insurance for Athletic Trainers

Being an athletic trainer is one of the many blessings in a career choice. Not only do you get to pursue a healthy work lifestyle but you can help people in more ways than imaginable. You have the ability to encourage people while helping them get in shape, heal from...

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How to Find the Best Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers

Being a personal trainer is rewarding, but there are things that can go wrong. All careers have aspects to them where an injury or other serious issues could occur. As perhaps a CrossFit trainer, this sometimes means injuries to the client, requiring liability insurance as a backup. With so many...

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Does Your Insurance Agent Even Lift?

Few of us want to read or think about insurance. The word brings up images of suits and fluorescent lights and forms with terms such as “aggregate limit,” “indemnity” and “subrogation.” We’d all much rather talk about cleans, muscle-ups and burpees. (Maybe not burpees.) Insurance only becomes interesting when you...

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