Why You Need Accident Insurance as Part of a CrossFit Gym Insurance Policy

If you are a CrossFit gym owner, you know the significance of your CrossFit insurance policy.  You have probably insured your premises, equipment, clients, and employees against general liability and special events risks.

But have you considered taking accident insurance as part of your CrossFit gym insurance policy? As you work hard to help your clients keep fit, you are aware that some may be injured on your premises.

Besides meeting the hefty medical expenses, having accident insurance can benefit your CrossFit gym in other ways. In this article, we will explore why you need accident insurance as part of a CrossFit gym insurance policy.

Let us begin by unraveling accident insurance.

What is Accident Insurance?

If a client or worker obtains major injuries at your premises, they may institute a lawsuit to seek compensation. Some may demand you to meet their medical expenses, compensate them for lost or damaged properties, or the loss of opportunities to earn a livelihood while they nurse injuries. This mostly happens if the patient suffers major injuries, and in this case, your general insurance will be helpful.

However, there are instances where the patient has minor injuries that will not warrant a lawsuit but whose cost of treatment may be high. Your accident insurance ensures you do not pay out of pocket for the ambulance, hospitalization, and rehabilitation.

Accident insurance is optional. You can ask your insurance services provider to have it as part of your CrossFit gym insurance policy, or you can leave it out.

But before deciding to include or leave accident insurance out of your CrossFit gym insurance policy, let us consider some benefits of having accident insurance as part of your CrossFit gym insurance policy.

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Benefits of Accident Insurance in CrossFit Gym Insurance Policies

Reduces Your Medical Bills

Paying medical bills for workers and clients’ injuries out of pocket can overwhelm you. With the increased demand for CrossFit gym services, more people may seek your fitness services. Some have used gym equipment before, but some may be going to the gym for the first time.

Even though you have detailed training sessions for your workers and clients on CrossFit gym safety measures, accidents are sometimes bound to happen. Your medical expense cover will pay bills for minor injuries, preventing you from incurring unexpected medical costs.

Attract Clients and Workers

Employees will be more willing to work in a gym where they enjoy medical expenses cover. They understand that there are risks associated with working in a gym.

As much as they may have certificates for several safety courses, they also know that accidents are bound to happen. You will attract and retain high-quality workers if you have accident insurance as part of your CrossFit gym insurance policy.

Clients will also prefer a CrossFit gym where their medical expenses are insured. They know the risks associated with going for a workout in a CrossFit gym, including exposure to health risks that come with interactions with other people.

They will be more willing to enroll for CrossFit gym services if you inform them that you have a cover for CrossFit gym-related medical expenses.

Better Medical Care

If you have a accident insurance as part of your CrossFit gym insurance policy, your policy provider may recommend the best healthcare facility for a specific injury or illness.

You may also benefit from their good relationship with the healthcare providers to get the best specialists within no time. This is unlike when you are the one looking for the specialist since you may know only a few, while the insurance provider may have a long list of the specialists they collaborate with.


Accident insurance is flexible. In most cases, it runs for a year, allowing you to make adjustments before renewing your policy. They allow you to include more workers and clients as your CrossFit gym business grows. You can also adjust what your policy covers as you renew your policy.

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It is Simple

Regardless of the size of your CrossFit gym, your accident insurance will be easy to comprehend and fill. CrossFit Risk Retention group has accident insurance as part of every policy offered.

And if you find the plan hard to understand, your insurance agent or broker will be at hand to break it down for you. They will also be there to take you through the application and claim processes.

Now that you know the benefits of accident insurance for your CrossFit gym, go ahead and take medical expenses coverage for your workers and clients. CrossFit RRG will be the best accident insurance provider for you.

At CrossFit Risk Retention Group, the process is simplified. You will use only a few minutes to get insured and leave to go spend your time to grow your CrossFit gym business.

The company was founded particularly to serve CrossFit communities. You can count on us to understand and address the insurance needs of CrossFit gyms like yours.

Call CrossFit RRG for exceptional customer service, a quick response time of not more than 48 hours, and a simple and efficient experience.

You can fill your online application to get a free quote. If you are happy with the quote, you can then pay online, and we will process your application promptly.

At CrossFit RRG, you will find a unique accident insurance that they can customize to suit the needs of your CrossFit gym.

Get in touch with us today on 310-937-2007, and we will answer any of your CrossFit gym insurance questions.

How CrossFit Gym Insurance Can Save Your Business

When you own a CrossFit gym, you believe in high standards and providing your customers with the best experience possible. One of the things you need to deal with as an owner or manager is the right insurance company and policy. You want to get the most coverage for the least amount of money. However, you need to make sure you have the right coverage that can save your business if anything happens.

From accidents to an employee who acts inappropriately, there are a lot of things that can happen in your CrossFit gym that can leave you liable. This is why you have insurance. Insurance can protect your assets if something goes amiss in your gym. Here’s a look at how CrossFit Gym Insurance can save your business.

Types of Insurance Offered by CrossFit Gym Insurance

At CrossFit Risk Retention Group, we’re dedicated to helping gym owners like you protect their businesses. We offer two main types of insurance for your business, including:

  • General liability coverage: This is a type of business insurance that protects companies and pays claims when something happens that the company is responsible for, such as injuries, damage to the property, or employees acting inappropriately.
  • Professional liability coverage: This is a type of insurance that provides protection when someone files a claim against you personally as a professional.

Carrying these types of insurance can be the difference between saving and losing your business if something unexpected happens.

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Ways CrossFit Gym Insurance Can Save Your Business

When it comes to covering liabilities, CrossFit Gym Insurance can help save your business. Here are a few things to consider.

Accidents and Injuries

You always try to make sure that each of your customers is performing their exercises and activities in the safest manner possible. However, you know it only takes a moment for an accident or injury to occur no matter how careful you are. In many cases, the injured party will try to settle with you or your insurance company for the cost of medical bills and pain and suffering.

If it’s a serious injury, this can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and bankrupt your business. It can also take your home and savings if they sue you personally too. With our personal and professional liability policies, you can save your business and personal belongings. We’ll pay the claims up to the limit in your policy so that you don’t have to.

Damage to Your Space

From heavy equipment to dings to walls, damage occurs quickly no matter how careful you are. When you’re renting the space where you run your gym, your landlord expects you to pay for those damages. This can cost you thousands of dollars, depending on the type of damage.

With a general liability policy, you’ll find that many of these damages are covered. While you may need to pay a deductible, you won’t be on the hook for the entire amount. It’s hard to pay for repairs when they arise unexpectedly. These types of repairs can eat into your cash flow and cause you to miss essential payments, such as payroll or rent.

By carrying general liability insurance, you don’t put your company at risk by creating cash flow issues. After damage to your rental location occurs, you file a claim, and the insurance company handles the rest.

Protects You From Advertising Injuries

Sometimes, when you advertise your business or create signage, you may find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit claiming stolen ideas, copyright infringement, slander, or other things you said or printed in advertising materials. Hopefully, you haven’t intentionally done any of these things.

However, occasionally, you may do these things inadvertently. When this happens, you may end up owing the other party a lot of money. In order to keep your finances and business after a large judgment like this, you need general liability insurance to cover these awards.

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Unprofessional Behavior

You train your staff to show the most professionalism available. While you would never say anything inappropriate or maintain a sexual relationship with your customers, one of your team might. It could even be innocent flirting that a customer takes the wrong way. Unfortunately, these incidents are becoming more common, or at least, you’re hearing about them more.

Either way, your customer might seek damages by suing your gym. When a jury settles this type of lawsuit, you’re at the mercy of 12 people who can essentially hand the keys to your business over to the wronged party.

You need personal liability to ensure that you’re protected if this ever happens at your gym. It’s a part of the abuse and molestation clause and can save your business if anything happens at your CrossFit gym.

Communicable Diseases

If you’re running CrossFit classes and workouts in a small enclosed space, it’s entirely possible that you may, at some point, have an outbreak. You encourage your employees and customers to stay home when they are sick, but this doesn’t always happen.

Whether it’s the flu, chickenpox, or some other illness, if the authorities can trace a large outbreak back to your gym, some of your customers who got sick might decide to come after you for damages. These damages might include medical bills, lost wages, and other costs.

In many of these types of cases, when you have insurance, the policy pays out the costs, and life goes on. However, without the right policy, you may find yourself in a position where you need to pay a lot of money to someone or a group of people. Once again, your insurance policy for general and professional liability can save your business.

At CrossFit Risk Retention Group, we can help you find any insurance policy that helps protect your livelihood and ensure you don’t find your business in jeopardy. When you’re ready to learn more about your options, contact us or call us at (310) 937-2007.

Communicable Disease Insurance for Your Gym

Opening your gym during COVID-19 requires being diligent about having the correct type of insurance coverage. If you are in the process of reopening your gym or are simply searching for ways to decrease your liability if cases are connected to your gym, purchasing a communicable disease insurance policy is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your business. This type of coverage goes a step further than the general policy you may already have, which provides a stronger layer of protection for gym owners.

Importance of Insurance Coverage for Gyms

Having some type of insurance policy is a must for all gym owners based on the high level of risk gyms present to members, staff members, and equipment. However, not all insurance policies offer the same types or amount of coverage, and it is crucial to ensure that your insurance investment adequately meets the needs of your gym and your patrons. Carefully considering every potential problem that your members and staff, equipment, and building may experience can help you ensure that your insurance policy sufficiently protects your gym.

Although you may initially assume that you will be covered for anything that happens at your gym as long as you have some type of insurance, many general policies have exclusions that may require purchasing supplemental coverage. This is particularly important for gym owners to note while considering options for decreasing their liability should patrons or staff members contract COVID-19 or another illness at the gym. Many basic insurance policies do not, in fact, automatically cover communicable diseases.

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Types of Gym Insurance

Although there are specialized insurance policies your gym may need based on your location, specific types of events you host, or other factors, there are four main types of insurance that all gyms and most other businesses should have to protect their assets and the people who use them. Each category of coverage may be purchased on its own, and many insurance companies offer comprehensive policies that combine several types of benefits.

General Liability Insurance

Your general liability insurance policy should be specifically designed to meet the unique needs of your facility. This policy protects gym owners from liability if members are injured at the gym. Based on the variety of risks of potential injury that naturally come with working out, general liability insurance is essential for all gym owners.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance covers a variety of types of accidental or intentional damage to your:

  • gym equipment
  • windows
  • building
  • other elements of your property

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance temporarily replaces income if your business needs to close based on an event that is specific to your building, such as a fire or flooding caused by a burst pipe. However, it usually does not cover COVID-19 closures.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation protects you from liability if your workers are injured at your gym and provides funds to cover your employee’s missed work, medical treatment, and other related expenses. Although it can be managed separately from your regular insurance policies, many insurance companies offer workers’ compensation policies that were designed to work well with their other insurance policies.

Importance of Communicable Disease Insurance

Knowing exactly how your gym’s insurance policy handles COVID-19 and other communicable diseases is crucial because many policies do not cover such illnesses. If you are in the process of reopening your gym or are concerned about whether you may be liable if a guest or staff member contracts COVID-19 at your gym, take some time to make sure you thoroughly understand the policy you have or are considering getting.

In many circumstances, you will need to purchase an additional infectious disease policy, also known as a communicable disease rider, to ensure that your business is sufficiently covered in case an outbreak becomes connected to your gym.

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Why Doesn’t My Current Insurance Policy Cover COVID-19?

Many types of insurance policies, such as gym insurance, other business insurance, and even travel insurance, are not designed to handle the widespread effects of COVID-19.

Insurance companies are intended to assist gyms and other businesses in specific, sporadic circumstances, and they typically do not have the funds available to make up for an event that closed nearly every gym in the country. This means that your business interruption insurance is unlikely to cover lost income while your gym was closed and your general liability insurance is unlikely to be of much assistance if your gym causes members to become ill.

What Is a Communicable Disease Rider?

A communicable disease rider is a specialized type of coverage that protects gym owners and other business owners from liabilities that are related to pandemics and other communicable diseases. Owners can purchase these policies specifically for COVID-19 related coverage or choose more general communicable disease insurance that applies to all communicable illnesses. They can protect your gym from disease-related lawsuits and provide a more reliable option for bringing in necessary income to help keep your gym from going out of business in case of future closures.

How Do I Get a Communicable Disease Rider? 

It is important to note that not all insurance companies offer add-on communicable disease insurance. If your current insurance provider has this type of policy available, you will typically need to add it when you renew your current business interruption, general liability, or commercial property insurance. Because insurance is intended to be purchased before it is needed, you will not always be able to add it to your active policy at any given time.

If you do not currently have gym insurance or are in the market for a new insurance provider, you will simply need to ensure that an adequate communicable disease insurance policy is added when you activate your new general liability, business interruption, or commercial property insurance policy. CrossFit RRG offers up to $250,000 in communicable disease coverage to our Affiliates, Trainers, and ISR Instructors.

Running your gym responsibly during a pandemic starts with making sure you have the right type of insurance to cover potential exposure. At CrossFit RRG, we are here to help CrossFit Affiliates, Trainers, and ISR Instructors across the country ensure that they have the proper coverage to open with minimal risk to their business. Contact us today to request a quote for our communicable disease insurance or to learn about our other policies!

CrossFit Gym Insurance: How Much Do You Need, and What Does It Cost?

There’s a lot going on in a CrossFit gym. While instructors are trained to keep everything safe, in such a busy environment, accidents can happen. While all businesses are required to carry general liability insurance for accidents that occur under on their site, there are plenty of options for insurance to protect your employees, your guests, your equipment, and any other part of your investment in a CrossFit Gym.

Liability Insurance for CrossFit Gyms

Liability insurance is the most basic of all insurance and any CrossFit gym will typically be legally required to carry a liability policy. As with most insurance plans for CrossFit, using a provider who specializes in the fitness industry offers you a specific policy, customized to your needs. As your needs and liabilities differ greatly from most businesses, a specialized CrossFit insurance provider can get you a better deal with more comprehensive coverage. Doing business with someone familiar with your industry is priceless, especially in CrossFit.

Liability insurance is required by law in many states because any business could incur financial liability in certain circumstances. Without proper liability coverage, one lawsuit or injury claim could destroy a business with astronomical bills. Liability insurance is an affordable protection from this risk, with most CrossFit gyms in the country paying $1,185 for general liability insurance.

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Protections offered by liability insurance:

  • Protection from legal action incurred during the operation of a business
  • Coverage of any damages owed to patrons from accidents or negligence
  • Legal defense fees if necessary

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance (often referred to simply as Workers’ comp is absolute must-have insurance coverage for CrossFit gyms. Workers’ comp is protection that is required by law for all businesses to maintain for any employees in their organization. In CrossFit, this is more important than just a legal imperative.

Workers’ comp offers protection and compensation for employees hurt during the course of their normal job functions. As you can imagine, this is very important in the CrossFit environment. As your employees and instructors are commonly participating in high-intensity workouts and activities, you want to make sure they have excellent protection if they are injured. While workers’ comp is usually very reasonably priced, its pricing can vary greatly depending on state regulations and prior claims. You won’t be required to provide this for independent contractors, partners, or yourself but it’s still not a terrible idea to consider.

What determines the cost of worker’s comp:

  • Prior claims. The more often employees claim worker’s comp, the more your risk factor raises and so does the price.
  • Safety training, regular equipment maintenance, and safety regulations (like proper footwear) can lower your worker’s comp premiums.
  • Whom you employ. Every $100 of regular payroll will increase your workers’ comp rate, as more employees require more protection.

Property Insurance

Almost an essential for CrossFit gyms, property insurance can go far beyond just protecting land and a building when designed by an insurance partner who understands the fitness industry. Property insurance plans customized for CrossFit can offer protection from a number of issues and are often easily bundled with general liability insurance. This is an area where working with a provider familiar with the needs of fitness really pays off. You don’t just make money with your building, but with valuable and essential equipment within it. While liability insurance typically protects you from legal jeopardy, property insurance protects the infrastructure essential for your business and can protect you from catastrophic losses.

What’s covered under property insurance:

  • Broken glass, facility disrepair, water damage or fire
  • Theft or robbery
  • Lost revenue compensation as a result of a covered event.

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Other types of coverage

There are many other types of coverage that can help you protect your assets and the wellbeing of your team, patrons, and business. While many of these peripheral options come down to specific circumstances, many gym owners will want to at least consider their options with them. Insurance is about limiting risk to an acceptable amount, so it will always depend on what risks you’d like to avoid and what risks you are ok taking.

Yet again, working with an insurance provider who is specifically involved in the fitness community offers you a significant advantage here, as they will often be able to bundle together the best protections for your specific industry.

  • Employment Practices Insurance –This type of coverage offers specific protection against human resources issues. Wrongful termination, sexual harassment claims, or discrimination cases are commonplace in a fitness environment. This coverage protects against those claims.
  • Special Event Insurance- These plans typically cover short-term events that go beyond the normal functions of the business. When you are holding events that would typically go beyond the risks you reported in day-to-day business, these policies give you the extra protection you need quickly.

Choosing Coverage and Bundling Policies

Working with an insurance provider who’s familiar with the CrossFit community has significant advantages in choosing policies. Insurance is complicated, but the right provider as a partner can guide you to exactly what you need to minimize risk and cost to yourself. While extra costs to running your business are always troublesome, proper insurance for your CrossFit gym is worth it. Costs will vary greatly depending on the location, size, and traffic of the gym, and the value of the property the gym is built on and bundling policies can easily reduce the costs of individual plans. For most CrossFit gym owners, however, this tends to be a very small part of operating costs and is a welcome freedom from worry about the unexpected derailing their way of life.

CrossFit Risk Retention Group

CrossFit Risk Retention Group exclusively works with the CrossFit community. We understand the risks and hardships that affiliate owners and trainers, deal with on a daily basis, and we have a vested interest in seeing our community succeed. We provide comprehensive coverage that can be customized to your specific circumstances and needs at a great price. Why go outside the CrossFit community for coverage when over 2500 member affiliates already trust our results. Don’t wait, contact us today and find out how we can help manage your risk and help your CrossFit gym succeed.

What is General Liability Insurance for CrossFit Gyms?

Opening a CrossFit gym is a good idea for many reasons. It’s fun, exciting and can be lucrative. If you’re considering a CrossFit gym or have already decided to start one, we’re here to help you protect it.

What is General Liability Insurance?

The simplest ways to protect your gym is hiring the right staff, meeting the right licenses, and purchasing the right insurance. One of the best things that a CrossFit gym owner can do for their gym is protect it with general liability insurance protection.

This type of insurance policy is designed to protect your business in the event of a lawsuit. It includes livelihood and investment protection.

Livelihood Protection

Your livelihood is at stake if you are sued and do not have the right protection for you and those you employ. If you are found responsible by a court and have to repay damage and medical expenses, this could put a financial strain on your gym. For those who are just starting in the industry, it could be enough to force a reduction in staff or even close the doors of your CrossFit box.

Investment Protection

Your CrossFit gym comes with a lot of professional investment, especially as you work to certify your coaches for your members. There is an investment as they are certified at the different CrossFit levels, from 1-4. You should protect that investment with general liability insurance, even if your business can sustain a loss from a lawsuit.

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General Liability Coverage

Once you decide to pursue general liability coverage protection as part of your commercial insurance policy, you should know what is covered in your policy and your limits regarding occurrences

  • Medical Expenses
  • Communicable Disease Limit
  • Abuse and Molestation Occurrence
  • Damage to Rented Property
  • Personal and Advertising Injury Limit
  • Annual Aggregate – General Liability
  • Products-Completed Operations Aggregate
  • Annual Aggregate All Coverage Parts

Based upon the situation and what happened in each particular case, funds are available to cover that particular incident or be applied to damages relating to that incident.

Property Damage Protection

Because some CrossFit box locations are rented or leased spaces, there has to be funding available to cover any damages done. Coverage is available for renovations, structural repairs, or whatever damage was done to the property. These types of claims include: where an employee or member caused damage to the property that was malicious and impacted the building’s integrity.

Personal and Advertising Injury Limit

Should one of your employees make a slanderous remark against one of your competitors or another business in the area, you could find yourself in violation of advertising injury. These claims can be steep, especially if the defendant can prove profit loss due to the statement in question.  Your trainers need to know that the facility employing them will protect them when these claims arise.

Abuse and Molestation Coverage

With staff and members working closely together in a physical setting, the need for abuse and molestation protection is essential. When a member claims they have suffered this type of trauma at the hands of an employee, your business needs to get ahead of the situation and cover the costs associated with the claim. Medical expenses and personal damages are covered in each occurrence, up to $100,000.

Professional Liability Coverage

If the business is implicated professionally, there is maximum coverage of $3 Million. Should your CrossFit facility have claims made against the business, there is liability coverage and protection available.

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Benefits of General Liability Coverage

General liability coverage is a requirement for your CrossFit facility. It benefits everyone associated with your business.

Employee Retention

High-quality employees will stay in a business that protects their interests and offers a safe workspace. For fitness trainers and CrossFit coaches, this means finding a facility that offers general liability coverage. An insurance facility means that they are insured as employees. With CrossFit gaining attention everywhere, it is essential to have a space to thrive and train in with protection when necessary.

Membership Retention

When you have an insured facility, it is good practice to let your members know that insurance is available in the event of a liability case. This type of assurance lets them know that their CrossFit box takes their safety seriously and is prepared for the worst of situations. This is an investment into the community, and this will keep these members coming back for their fitness needs.

Start Your Application Process Today

If you currently own a CrossFit gym or plan to open one shortly, it is time to get your general liability coverage policy. Having your trainers access the best general liability insurance available will help your CrossFit box grow substantially.

The process is as simple as applying online with CrossFit RRG and receive a quote for your coverage. If you are happy with your quote, you can easily sign up and pay online. We want this process to be easy and simple so that you can focus your attention on your facility. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at CrossFit RRG today.

Top 10 Reasons Your CrossFit Gym Needs General Liability Insurance

Your CrossFit Gym is not only a place of business for you, but it is a central location where members and staff come together to help each other with fitness goals. This CrossFit Box allows many to take on physically challenging techniques and equipment designed with their personal health in mind. One of the most responsible choices you can make is to purchase general liability insurance.

1. Property Protection

Whether you own the building where your CrossFit gym is located or you are leasing the space, there is always the potential for property damage to happen. This is especially true if your facility hosts many events and has a significant number of members. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and you could be found liable for these damages. With general liability insurance, you have the financial protection you need to cover these costs and keep your facility safe and operational.

2. Business Liability Protection

With so much equipment and members moving through your facility, it is important to make sure that you prepare for situations where someone gets hurt. Issues such as dropping weights or missing equipment are common claims against any gym, including CrossFit facilities. In cases where members or guests in your facility find that you are liable for the accident, you are responsible for these costs. With business liability protection, you can have financial coverage for any medical bills or personal property damaged that belonged to that guest.


3. Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Depending on your state, worker’s compensation coverage may already be required for commercial insurance. Even if it is not, it is a great insurance policy that protects your employees and your business. Sometimes your coaches get hurt on the job. It could be during training or having a fall somewhere on the property. If they are hurt on the premises and during their shift, they are eligible for this coverage type. With worker’s compensation coverage, any medical expenses that your employee incurs initially and through recovery are covered by this policy. In return, they are not able to file a lawsuit against your business, further protecting your CrossFit facility.

4. Claims Against Abuse and Molestation

Any time you have a business where physical contact is required between your staff and members, it is essential to have a layer of protection for all types of situations and claims that could arise. Unfortunately, there are instances where different physical abuse types may happen or appear to have happened in a fitness setting. To protect your employees and your business, it is critical to have coverage for abuse and molestation cases that may arise.

5. Protection For Fitness Advice and Certifications of Coaches

When you advertise your CrossFit box to the community, your members are coming in with the expectation of having certified coaches to assist them with their fitness goals. They also look to these individuals for fitness advice to help them both inside and outside the facility. There are cases where they are given wrong advice or encouraged to do something that affects them differently than other members. Should your facility be found liable for misinformation that was harmful to the client medically, financially, or in any capacity, you have the protection you need to cover any damage costs and reimbursements on behalf of your employees.

6. Slander Protection

If a representative of your facility is out slandering another business while in your establishment or wearing clothing representing your CrossFit facility, your business could come under fire for damages to this company. This type of claim is found primarily in competing businesses, so it is important to avoid calling out the competition in your own marketing and advertising.

7. Image Usage

When you are growing your CrossFit gym in your community, your best option is to utilize pictures and videos to highlight your services, what your members are doing, and encourage others to come for a visit. It is important to make sure that any images used during these advertisements are done with the appropriate permission from staff and members. There are some cases where individuals may be photographed or video against their wishes. They could file a suit against your facility for improper image use. Copyrighting is something that is taken seriously and is easy to do accidentally.

8. Intellectual Property

Images of your members are not the only concerns that you should have when it comes to copyright. Any external images that you use, text, or intellectual property that you pass off as your own really must belong to your CrossFit facility. If you are using any material directly from CrossFit, it is important to make sure that you have the appropriate permission to use this property.  These images can be used on your website, social media accounts, or any other platforms that you may use to promote your facility and CrossFit.

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9. Hiring Flexibility

When you carry general liability insurance on your CrossFit facility, you have the ability to be flexible with your staff members. While most of your employees are salaried and have a full-time position, having independent contractors come in periodically or to cover events that your gym may host is much easier to do when you have this coverage. You can expand your services easier and determine what works best as you continue to grow your business.

10. Special Event Protection

Getting involved and getting people into the gym is a big component of CrossFit. If you have a CrossFit event, you would like to host or join, general liability coverage may be required before you can be listed. Sponsors and CrossFit officials will often only work with those facilities with the essential coverage needed to cover crowds generated at these events.

Contact CrossFit RRG Today!

One of the best ways to protect and invest in your CrossFit Gym is to purchase general liability insurance. Because various issues can arise in a fitness facility, having insurance protection can be the lifesaver you didn’t think you needed. Applying online is easy to do. Contact us at CrossFit RRG today for more information.